How to Edit and Improve Essay Content Part 2

With our example you could state perhaps that those who support the death penalty cite the deterrent effects of capital punishment as a reason that it should be kept in place you could make the argument that the opposition’s position is not a strong one using the data as if when you read back through your paper you realize that it’s really not clear what your purpose was you need to refocus on your thesis statement.

As you may know your thesis statement is the sentence or two that communicates the main point of your essay. It usually appears in the first paragraph and it’s often the last sentence in the first paragraph if when going back through your essay to improve your essay content you discover that you don’t really have a thesis statement don’t feel too guilty all is not lost just be sure now to develop an add one. If you’re in a time crunch you may be able to do this by re-examining the essay question and thinking about the major points that you’ve made throughout the body paragraphs of your essay.

If you have a few sentences in your introduction any one of which might be a thesis statement work on identifying one that most fully captures the main idea of your paper make any necessary tweaks to ensure that it accurately introduces the rest of your essay and position it where it naturally fits in your first paragraph it can actually be beneficial to do substantive editing with your introductory paragraph.

After having written the rest of your essay as you’ll then be in a position to know precisely what you need to introduce you can really improve your thesis statement when you’re editing your paper for example if you’ve written a persuasive essay arguing that the death penalty should be abolished you could, go back and revise your thesis statement from this the death penalty should be outlawed in the United States to this the death penalty should be outlawed in the United States. Because it does not deter violence crimes it is applied in a discriminatory fashion and not all individuals sentenced to death in this country are guilty.

Going back and editing your essay for content allows you to strengthen a so-so thesis statement by tying it very specifically to what you’ve written about when you review your thesis be sure also to take a moment to review the essay prompt it can be easy when writing an essay to get off track and lose focus as you edit your essay think about what you’ve been asked to do for the assignment ask yourself whether your thesis provides a reasonable response to that essay question as you read back through the body paragraphs of your essay quickly check each body paragraph and ask yourself whether it has a clear main point does that main point support your thesis if you find a paragraph that has gone off track consider whether it’s so off point that you should delete it all together or whether you can edit it to redirect its focus so that it’s more in line with the main point of your essay so let’s say that you’ve written an essay arguing that your city should enact a law prohibiting individuals from using cell phones while driving if upon reviewing your essay.